We promised to keep you updated, so here is the latest news about our facility. It is important to note that the owner of the Pet Blood Bank is completely dedicated to honesty and transparency. In fact, the Pet Blood Bank was the first entity to request that local law enforcement investigate its property after allegations were made. Please review and share this video. It is important to spread this positive news to those in our industry and correct the misinformation being circulated. We are grateful for your support and know the truth will prevail. Many thanks.

Welcome to The Pet Blood Bank

Pet Blood Bank helps veterinarians around the country save pets’ lives by providing transfusion products and training. Pets need transfusions for the same reasons that humans do, including surgery, trauma and disease. The Pet Blood Bank supplies animal blood components for use in these life saving transfusions.

The Pet Blood Bank is dedicated to providing the world’s highest quality animal blood products. Our products are obtained from volunteer donors and manufactured to the highest standards. The Pet Blood Bank offers a complete line of blood components and transfusion products such as blood bags and administration sets.

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